What is Vikes?


Vikes is The Finnish Foundation for Media, Communication and Development. It was founded in 2005 with the aim of ”promoting freedom of expression and media diversity as the foundations for democracy and development.”

Vikes aims to assist organisations, communities and individuals in their activities in defending and implementing freedom of speech. The foundation also disburses grants, and carries out educational, research and publishing activities.

The executive of Vikes Salla Nazarenko:

How does Vikes develop cross-cultural communication?

Our projects operate mostly in developing countries, where we naturally
adapt our work to local (journalistic) and operating cultures. We also aim
at informing Finnish audiences about the global problems with freedom of
speech. Maybe the best example is our Somalia project, where members of
Finnish Somali diaspora are actively engaged as trainers in Somalia, since
they know the cultural circumstances best and are able to communicate the
specific needs on the ground.

Do you think our media in Finland gives enough voice to immigrants?

I think the situation is slowly changing: an increased number of immigrants
(mostly second generation) are educated as journalists, and naturally
their entrance to the profession will change the news criteria. I don’t
think the immigrants are very visible in media, at least as active actors, but
as the Finnish society becomes more multicultural, this situation is
expected to change.